Modernizing traditional grocery shopping.

We’ve been shopping in grocery stores our whole lives, and that’s not changing anytime soon.  But what can change is how we shop - struggle to organize your grocery list?  Find yourself backtracking for items you missed?

Meet SimpListic™, a clean, intuitive, and free grocery list app built using simple pen and paper as our inspiration.  Search from our massive item database and watch SimpListic™ intelligently capture, sort, and brilliantly display your organized list to provide an efficient shopping experience.

We’re here to make grocery shopping SimpListic™.

(Beta) Now available for Android download
* Coming Soon - Android and iOS

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Features & Benefits

See why we’re different

Save Time Creating Your List

Seamlessly type notes and quantities while searching for grocery items from our continually growing item database.

Organizes Your List For You

Let our grocery engine do the hard work of determining the appropriate item category, while ensuring all notes and quantities are elegantly displayed with the organized items.

Shop More Efficiently

Breeze through the store as items on your list typically found together, are grouped and ordered based on common grocery store layouts; with significant optimizations on the way!